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The Living Box

The Living Box is challenging and fun  2D platform platform game! 

Main mechanics is changing between 2  WORLDS to make it to the end of level ! Watch out for traps and in which world platforms are !

It contains:

  •  Changing between 2  WORLDS
  •  20 very difficult levels
  •  Funny "story"
  •  Traps and a lot more!

It's  purpose is to test gamers skills and see how fast you can finish it :)


Don't give up easy every level can be finished!

If you are standing in front of any block you cannot swap between worlds!

More levels are maybe coming in future updates.

More information

Published 81 days ago
Tags2D, Difficult, Funny, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer

Install instructions

Just download, export files and enjoy :)

If by any chance you can not start the game, try to deactivate the antivirus!


TheLivingBox 2 MB